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Help build phonemic awareness with CVCC and CCVC Sliders!


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Help build phonemic awareness with CVCC and CCVC Sliders! Phoneme segmentation is the process of breaking a word apart into its individual sounds. It is the opposite of blending sounds together to form a word. However, the two often go hand-in-hand. Phoneme segmentation helps build phonemic awareness and is one of the first steps in the reading process. Oftentimes, students have difficulty orally “stretching out” a word. I have found that using color coded word cards help students identify the beginning, middle, and ending sounds; therefore, making it easier for students to segment each word. Being able to easily segment words and blend sounds is crucial for successful decoding!

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Use the cards alone or with CVCC and CCVC sliders. Have the students touch the color coded dots and say the sound of each letter. Remind them that green is the beginning sound, yellow is the middle, and red is the ending sound. The color coded letters help with reading left to right. If you are using the CVCC/CCVC slider, the students will slide one bead for each phoneme. After sliding all three beads and saying all three phonemes, they will push the beads back and say the word. Use the word cards with pictures to provide extra support.

In this packet, you will find 32 CVCC/CCVC slider picture cards, 32 CVCC/CCVC slider word cards with picture support, as well as CVCC/CCVC slider word cards without picture support.

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