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Classroom Rules & Expectations | First Week of Back to School | Classroom Management


Establish classroom rules and expectations with these interactive classroom rules back to school craft and classroom rules digital slides! Includes 20 developmentally appropriate classroom rules posters, with 26 digital slides and matching student pages.


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Establish classroom rules and expectations with these interactive classroom rules back to school craft and classroom rules digital slides! Includes 20 developmentally appropriate classroom rules posters, with 26 digital slides and matching student pages.

Easily build classroom community during the first week of school with these 20 classroom rules featuring kid-friendly “I can” statements and picture cues. Choose the classroom rules that work best for your class, or add your own rules with the editable PowerPoint files!

To help the students better internalize each rule, the no prep student pages and digital slides are interactive, meaning the students will need to complete a task to better remember that particular rule. Plus, the included rule songs also make these classroom rules easy to remember.

Use the editable PowerPoint files to customize the interactive craft, digital slides, rule posters and songs with your own rules!

Print the pieces for the craft on colored paper, or print and color with crayons.

Once you have completed the interactive digital slide for a particular rule, the students can complete the matching printable page for their “Stick to the Rules” craft book. At the end, they will have a handy classroom rules book to help them better remember each rule!

This resource includes a PDF and 7 PowerPoint files inside the zip folder.

What’s included…

  • Glue bottle craft templates
  • 26 printable student pages
  • 26 interactive digital slides
  • 20 classroom rule posters
  • 20 classroom rule songs
  • Editable student pages
  • Editable interactive digital slides
  • Editable classroom rule posters
  • Editable classroom rule songs

20 “I can” statements…

  1. I can start right away.
  2. I can work the whole time.
  3. I can stay in my spot.
  4. I can work quietly.
  5. I can put my tools away.
  6. I can be a listener.
  7. I can always raise my hand.
  8. I can use walking feet.
  9. I can calmly get in line.
  10. I can keep my body to myself.
  11. I can follow directions.
  12. I can be safe always.
  13. I can wait patiently.
  14. I can be a kind classmate.
  15. I can share with others.
  16. I can include everyone.
  17. I can always tell the truth.
  18. I can be responsible.
  19. I can be respectful.
  20. I can always try my best.

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