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  • Fine Motor Activities for February Morning Work

    Fine Motor Activities for February Morning Work


    Engage your students, as they build fine motor skills with these 20 math and ELA fine motor activities for February! Make the most out of fine motor tubs, morning work, or centers with these hands-on meaningful tasks!

  • Groundhog Day Craft and Groundhog's Day Activities

    Groundhog Day Craft and Groundhog’s Day Activities


    Learn all about groundhogs with these 22 interactive Groundhog’s Day activities and adorable Groundhog Day craft! You can easily integrate science, math, literacy and social studies into your nonfiction Groundhogs Day research, as your students learn about the life cycle of a groundhog; family of a groundhog; parts of a groundhog; diet of a groundhog; appearance of a groundhog; location and habitat of a groundhog; legs, teeth, and senses of a groundhog; as well as predators of a groundhog. They will also graph and analyze the results by predicting whether the groundhog will/will not see his shadow!

  • Groundhog Day Graphing Craft

    Groundhog Day Graphing Craft


    Integrate math with this adorable Groundhog Day graphing craft, as you predict whether the groundhog will or will not see his shadow! The groundhog’s head can be used to create a class graph, or use the included survey cards to create the graph.

    Then, analyze the results and record the data on the groundhog’s belly. Display the completed Groundhog Day graphing craft on a bulletin board or in the hallway!